Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Another chapter in the book...

Tomorrow marks my last day in my CELTA training.  By Thursday I will be certified to teach English to anyone in any country in the world.  A course that never would've been possible without the monetary generosity of a friend.  One that never would've been possible if God had provided me with any other job than the one I currently have in order to take time off from work.  A course that I never would've taken had I not fallen in love with an incredible man of God.

Four weeks of my life has come and gone.  I learned far more than how to teach English.  I learned the importance of communicating clearly to those I lean on for support.  Inadequate communication tears down plans quicker than anything else can or will.  I also learned more about how different priorities can really define how plans work out, or don't.  I learned how to ask for help from a stranger when I needed a place to live, and how to accept help when it was given.  I learned how to let go of what I wanted, what was safe and let me stay in control, and let God take control so I could glorify Him instead.

In less than a week I move back to Spokane, and I still don't know where I'm going to live come Saturday night.  I'm working on being okay with not knowing, and trusting God to provide as I tap into the resources He's given me - like the Kingdom family.  In less than four weeks I'm moving to the Middle East and, no, I don't know where I'll be living or even if I'll have a job.  Right now I have a tiny storage unit with some bins inside, a few hundred dollars, my car, my dog and a few suitcases to my name.  Soon I won't even have the car; that will need to sell soon.

But what I do have is the Lord.  Always with me, never far from my side.  All I have comes from Him.  Money, possessions, time, and every breath is given from His hand.  It's one thing to say it with the security of a home and a mountain of material things to insulate me from real need.  It's entirely different when the four doors of my sedan and the kindness and hospitality of neighbors and the Kingdom family are all that seems to separate me from the woman on the street corner with a cardboard box protecting her from the elements.  At least I have a hammock - a gift of kindness from a God-fearing stranger who made me laugh a lot in the couple of hours I got to spend with her.

I'm really grateful to be in this place of dependence on God.  There will be a time when I move to Oman and I get a good paying job.  Many of my needs will be taken care of with only my loyalty to a school keeping them secure.  I will have plenty, and I pray - with all of my heart - I will learn to be as content then as I am now when I am in need.

I prayed before I started this CELTA training that my brain would be a sponge and God would enable me to get a high grade so I would have a better chance of getting hired.  He is to be praised - I'm at the top of my class.